Suckapunch - psychopath society

Hip Hop music is the most popular and influential art form in our community. Young African Americans look to Hip Hop culture for their role models. A high number of young people participate in Hip Hop through dance, fashion, and emceeing and actually contribute to the culture artistically and economically TAAP will provide an opportunity for professional Hip Hop artists to share art that is socially, politically, and culturally relevant within the community. This project will foster future mentor, apprentice relationships formal and informal as the young learn from their elders through observation, discussion, education, critique, and interactive entertainment.

A constellation of traits that comprises affective features, interpersonal features, as well as impulsive and antisocial behaviors. The affective features include lack of guilt, empathy, and deep emotional attachments to others; the interpersonal features include narcissism and superficial charm; and the impulsive and antisocial behaviors include dishonesty, manipulativeness, and reckless risk-taking. Although psychopathy is a risk factor for physical aggression, it is by no means synonymous with it. In contrast to individuals with psychotic disorders, most psychopaths are in touch with reality and seemingly rational. Psychopathic individuals are found at elevated rates in prisons and jails, but can be found in community settings as well.