Various - play dead 'the shit'

In as overt a way as possible, season 8 of The Walking Dead is using the war with Negan to discuss how and if the survivors can reestablish a society with a moral code that doesn’t involve frying someone’s face with a hot iron or beating their brains in with a baseball bat. The Saviors’ society is orderly, there’s no question of that, but it doesn’t demonstrate the compassion expected of a fair and just society. These are ideals, of course, and in practice nothing is ever as simple – Rick is perhaps the guiltiest, after all, when it comes to indiscriminate killing for the sake of peace and safety – but striving for a world view that’s more nuanced than kill or be killed is a worthy effort; not to mention an important step along the way to rebuilding civilization.

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Various - Play Dead 'The Shit'Various - Play Dead 'The Shit'Various - Play Dead 'The Shit'Various - Play Dead 'The Shit'