Peter funk - turn around

Today, nearly 23 years after Freddie Mercury died of bronchopneumonia related to AIDS, Queen's legacy – as one of rock's biggest and most controversial bands – is still inseparable from him, whatever the success May and Taylor might achieve in the next few months on tour with Adam Lambert. When Taylor and May have talked about the Mercury years (Deacon refuses to talk about the experience at all), it's sometimes as if they're still mystified by how wonderful and horrible it all was. "We were very close as a group," Taylor said days after Mercury's death. "But even we didn't know a lot of things about Freddie." Years later, May said, "It fucked us up in the way only an out-of-world experience can do. Queen were the biggest thing in the world. . . . You're adored – surrounded by people who love you, yet utterly lonely. . . . The excess leaked from the music into life."

Peter Funk - Turn AroundPeter Funk - Turn AroundPeter Funk - Turn AroundPeter Funk - Turn Around